Dave Dielissen core team Crowd Expedition

Dave Dielissen
coordination and communication
As core expedition member, Dave brings a well-stocked backpack. With a master’s degree in communication science (VU University Amsterdam), he has an excellent foundation in the field of marketing and communication. But what counts is experience: after graduating, he spent two-and-a-half years working as a junior marketeer for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). This, together with many relevant additional activities, not the least of which is his contribution to Brand Expedition, has allowed him to work on many projects and campaigns, as well as develop relevant content. These skills and knowledge will now be committed to Crowd Expedition, whereby he will play two roles.

On the one hand he is responsible for coordinating Crowd Expedition. After all, managing the expedition requires a lot of coordinating; arranging interviews, liaising, and organizing the (digital) itinerary – to name but a few things. In addition, we will gradually be extending upon the expedition team with new members and partners. All their activities and contributions will have to be carefully coordinated. All in all, agendas will have to be managed, schedules made, tasks divided and deadlines met. On the other hand, it is his job to raise awareness for the collaborative economy through Crowd Expedition. We want to create a dynamic expedition report which will be continually supplemented with stories, lessons and findings on the collaborative economy and which will be available via all conceivable types of (online) media.

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